Facts & Statistics on Children in Placement

We highlight what is working within the New Jersey foster care system and identify areas of concern. Raising awareness can help budget-strapped communities decide where to allocate precious resources and form alliances with child welfare agencies. Our goal? Affordable and timely neighborhood services and programs that strengthen families in crises.

Because of CPAC’s unique, collaborative relationship with the Administrative Office of the Courts, CPAC has access to the most comprehensive collection of data available on children and families requiring court intervention.

In 2015, more than 8,000 of New Jersey’s children were in some kind of out-of-home placement arrangement. Who are these children? Where did they come from? Why are they in placement? Where do they live? CPAC’s annual report provides the New Jersey Supreme Court, Governor and Legislators with detailed statistics, some by county, and includes recommendations for improving services to the children and families of New Jersey.

Average Length of Time Spent by New Jersey Children in Out-of-Home Placement on June 2015

(Source: 2015 CPAC Annual Report and Recommendations for 2016)